A standard closedown from Central in the days before 24-hour programme schedules.

Though technically, Central stayed on the air overnight, filling the non-programme hours up to TV-am with Central Jobfinder – a teletext-based job information service.

VIDEO: Central closedown. Announcer: Ted May. TX DATE: 30th September 1986. COPYRIGHT: ITV plc. VREF: 24367-01.

Video content

[00:00:00] GRAPHIC: weather summary.

[00:00:25] GRAPHIC: used to promote overnight programming on local independent radio stations.

[00:00:42] GRAPHIC: promoting the overnight teletext-based Jobfinder service.

[00:01:05] IDENT: the “Good Night” ident used at closedown each night.

[00:01:38] IN-VISION TELETEXT: the opening Jobfinder page. Does anyone out there know what kit was used to produce these pages? The page number seemed to vary – and the pages did not seem to come from the Oracle service.


PICTURED: Central ident. COPYRIGHT: ITV plc.

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