Peter Bolgar welcomes BBC Two viewers to a Sunday afternoon of sporting action, courtesy of Sunday Grandstand.

It was standard practice at the time to leave a 30-second gap of black and silence after the test card.

VIDEO: BBC Two start-up. Announcer: Peter Bolgar. TX DATE: 24th May 1981. COPYRIGHT: BBC. VREF: 24511-01.

Video content

[00:00:00] TEST CARD: the last minute or so of trade test transmission, before BBC Two comes back to life for Sunday Grandstand.

[00:01:27] IDENT: the BBC Two ident animates into view. Announcer Peter Bolgar informs us that Sunday Grandstand is two minutes away.

[00:01:41] PROGRAMME GRAPHIC: slide for Sunday Grandstand. Can you name the track being played here?

[00:02:56] CLOCK: 30 seconds of the clock, taking us up to the start of Sunday Grandstand.

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PICTURED: BBC Two programme graphic: Sunday Grandstand. COPYRIGHT: BBC.

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