It’s the end of the main BBC Two schedule for the day, but BBC Two duty announcer Peter Bolgar is about to hand over to his colleague Michael Maine, for an OU transmission.

The Open University programmes were played out from a separate continuity suite, dedicated to OU playout. The period of black between the clock and the OU ident allowed control to be passed to the OU suite.

There would sometimes be a slight vision/audio distortion at the point where the switch occurred – but it was rarely that noticeable, as in this example.

VIDEO: BBC Two/Open University continuity. Announcers: Peter Bolgar and Michael Maine. TX DATE: 12th March 1984. COPYRIGHT: BBC. VREF: 24907-01.

Video content

[00:00:00] CLOCK: announcer Peter Bolgar mentions the two Open University programmes coming up, before signing off for the night and handing over to the OU.

There then follows a six-second period of black and silence.

[00:00:36] IDENT: Michael Maine welcomes viewers to the Open University transmission before animating on the OU logo and linking into the first programme. Apologies but the recording ends just before he completes his programme link.


PICTURED: BBC Two/Open University ident. COPYRIGHT: BBC.

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