BBC One starts the week, reporting on the results of the European elections.

VIDEO: BBC One start-up and Breakfast Time opening titles. Announcer: Richard Straker. TX DATE: 18th June 1984. COPYRIGHT: BBC. VREF: 25028-01.

Video content

[00:00:00] TELETEXT IN-VISION: the closing seconds of Ceefax AM. The track accompanying the teletext pages is BART, performed by Ruby – used regularly as interval music on BBC One during the Schools and Colleges strand.

We see an example of one of Ceefax’s special ‘Euro News’ pages, part of the coverage of the results of the European elections.

Ceefax AM has a dedicated closing page, which is added live to the dedicated Ceefax in-vision page, 198.

[00:00:19] IDENT: announcer Richard Straker declares “…it’s breakfast time”.

[00:00:28] PROGRAMME: the visuals in the Breakfast Time opening titles were updated regularly. In this example, we see lots of summer flowers.

Towards the end of the clip, Frank Bough introduces the programme. He mentions that they’ll be examining the implications of the European elections, the results of which have been coming in overnight.


PICTURED: Breakfast Time opening titles. COPYRIGHT: BBC.

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