Excerpts from the launch day edition of BBC Breakfast Time.

VIDEO: BBC Breakfast Time opening titles/presentation. Presenters: Frank Bough, Selina Scott and Nick Ross. TX DATE: 17th January 1983. COPYRIGHT: BBC. VREF: 29188-01.

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[00:00:00] PROGRAMME GRAPHIC: contrary to popular opinion, Ceefax AM didn’t arrive on the scene until 28th February 1983.

In week one of breakfast TV, there was no sign of Test Card F at this ungodly hour of the morning either. From 6am – 6.25am, the pulse and bar signal was broadcast, initially accompanied by tone.

At 6.10am, somewhat usually, a BBC Two trade test/Ceefax tape was played – Don Fernando. Equally unusual for music to be played over the pulse and bar pattern.

This took us up to 6.25am, when the ‘Follows at 6.30’ slide shown in the clip appeared, accompanied by a library track. Having the time of the programme included on the slide was unusual – ‘Follows Shortly’ text was more common.

[00:00:08] IDENT: announcer John Glover had the honour of introducing the first edition of BBC Breakfast Time.

[00:00:14] PROGRAMME: a pre-reocorded shot of the sun rising behind London Bridge is the main image featured in this initial version of the titles. The programme’s stylised sun logo animates into view towards the end of the sequence. The design was by Terry Hylton.

Frank Bough launches the programme – the UK’s (and Europe’s) first ever regular television breakfast programme. He explains that as well as bringing viewers the news, weather, sport and traffic latest, they intend to include a lot more in the menu, including features, live reports and regional news.

He points out that their new home is relaxed and informal – and that they believe this is the right setting to bring viewers interviews with people and personalities making the news. He also introduces us to the programme’s on-screen clock.

Frank proceeds to introduce us to the other regular presenters – Selina Scott and Nick Ross. Selina comments on the press presence outside her home this morning.

Nick tells us that the programme will be bright, informative and the natural way to start the morning – and expresses the hope that it will be an agenda setter.

He also provides a telephone number for viewers to ring in and tell the BBC what they think of the new programme. The number will be familiar to BBC One’s Saturday morning viewers.

Frank introduces us to two of the programme’s guests: Jane Pauley, long-standing host of NBC’s breakfast programme, Today (which had just celebrated its 31st birthday the previous Friday); and Sir Harry Secombe.

Frank then introduces us to regular news summary presenter Debbie Rixx. Debbie then goes on to present the programme’s first news summary.

VIDEO: the BBC Breakfast Time exercise segment. Presenters: Frank Bough and Diana Moran. TX DATE: 17th January 1983. COPYRIGHT: BBC. VREF: 29188-02.

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[00:00:00] PROGRAMME: presenter Frank Bough introduces a regular fixture in the BBC Breakfast Time schedule – an exercise segment, led by Diana Moran.

Diana’s first exercise session is based at Waterloo Station, where she has to contend with some out-of-condition commuters.

Diana’s trademark green leotard earned her the title ‘The Green Goddess’.

VIDEO: BBC Breakfast Time close of the sport segment and regional news. Presenters: David Icke, Frank Bough and Barry Chambers (BBC North). TX DATE: 17th January 1983. COPYRIGHT: BBC. VREF: 29188-03.

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[00:00:00] PROGRAMME: sports presenter David Icke brings his sport segment to a close.

Frank Bough hands across to the BBC regional news.

Our recording is from BBC One North – so this is our news region. The presenter is Barry Chambers. The regional news insert seems to be a self-op arrangement. It also includes a text-based weather graphic.

Sorry for the picture disturbance going into and coming out of the regional news – caused by a genlock issue between the regional centre and network.

When we return to the national programme, we see a ‘Breakfast Headlines’ graphic, with Frank Bough providing a verbal recap of the main stories.

Selina Scott then covers a story about the police shooting of a man in London. Selina then hands across to reporter Guy Michelmore, who is outside New Scotland Yard.

VIDEO: BBC Breakfast Time weather and top of the hour. Presenters: Frank Bough, Selina Scott and Francis Wilson. TX DATE: 17th January 1983. COPYRIGHT: BBC. VREF: 29188-04.

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[00:00:00] PROGRAMME: Francis Wilson presents the weather, utilising the then cutting edge computer graphics – whilst the BBC’s main weather forecasts continued to use physical magnetic symbols until February 1985.

Selina takes us through what’s coming up in the next hour.

Frank welcomes viewers at the top of the hour (7am).


PICTURED: BBC One programme graphic: Breakfast Time. COPYRIGHT: BBC.

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