In the days before breakfast TV, this is how Thames TV started its day.

VIDEO: Thames start-up. Announcer: Philip Elsmore. TX DATE: 1st February 1979. COPYRIGHT: FremantleMedia. VREF: 25241-01.

Video content

[00:00:00] GRAPHIC: the Thames/IBA start-up graphic, accompanied by Perpetuum Mobile by Michael Roberts. We’re missing the first 20 – 25 seconds or so of the start-up.

When the music finishes, announcer Philip Elsmore speaks: “This is Thames Television – operating on the London area transmitters of the Independent Broadcasting Authority”.

[00:02:53] IDENT: a still/slide version of the Thames ident is accompanied by Salute to Thames by Johnny Hawksworth.

[00:04:33] GRAPHIC: Independent Television for School and Colleges slide.

These slides typically featured artwork and were shown until one minute prior to the next programme.

Can you identify the music that accompanies the slide?

[00:05:30] COUNTDOWN: with one minute to go, the countdown clock would appear.

The clock shown here was a mechanical device. This particular design is thought to have been introduced in the autumn of 1978. It remained in use until schools programmes transferred to Channel 4 in September 1987.

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PICTURED: Thames/IBA start-up graphic. COPYRIGHT: FremantleMedia.

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