Paul Coia had the honour of being the duty announcer on day one of the channel in November 1982. And consequently, he got to put the channel to bed for the first time.

VIDEO: Channel 4’s first closedown. Announcer: Paul Coia. TX DATE: 2nd November 1982. COPYRIGHT: Channel 4 Television Corporation. VREF: 25265-01.

Video content

[00:00:00] PROGRAMME MENU GRAPHIC: Paul Coia reads down through the list of programmes coming up tomorrow.

Although Channel 4’s presentation operation was pioneering, there were quite a few teething problems in the early days. And the graphics were perhaps not quite as slick early on as they would be a short time later.

For example, you don’t need to look too closely to see the black overlays on the first page of that menu. The text alignment is pretty sloppy too.

One standout comment from the menu rundown regarding the Cut Price Comedy Show – “…a truly awful programme”.

We head back to the Preview studio for a final bit of in-vision continuity. Before finishing with a 4-shaped candle, which is quickly extinguished.


PICTURED: Channel 4 programme menu. COPYRIGHT: Channel 4 Television Corporation.

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