A junction into Start the Day in the ITV Schools strand on Channel 4.

VIDEO: ITV Schools on Channel 4 continuity. TX DATE: TBC. COPYRIGHT: Channel 4 Television Corporation. VREF: 25296-01.

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[00:00:00] GRAPHIC: from 14th September 1987, ITV Schools programmes were shown on Channel 4. The accompanying presentation was given a much-needed facelift.

A colourful new ITV Schools logo rotated, accompanied by a live ‘Follows Shortly’ aston for the forthcoming programme. The animation was accompanied by The Journey, written by James Aldenham (Brian Bennett).

[00:01:00] COUNTDOWN: with one minute to go, the ITV Schools was animate off screen and in would come a stylish countdown clock. The BBC scrapped their schools countdown clock in June 1983 but ITV Schools continued with their equivalent device until June 1993.

The catchy little track that accompanied the one-minute countdown was called Just a Minute, appropriately enough. It was written by James Aldenham (Brian Bennett).


PICTURED: ITV Schools on Channel 4 continuity. COPYRIGHT: Channel 4 Television Corporation..

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