A snippet of BBC One North continuity, followed by the opening titles of the national BBC Evening News.

VIDEO: BBC One North continuity and BBC Evening News opening titles. Announcer: Brian Baines. Presenter: Richard Baker. TX DATE: 26th October 1981. COPYRIGHT: BBC. VREF: 25422-01.

Video content

[00:00:00] CLOCK: the 5.40pm junction was often utilised by the regions to promote their respective regional news programmes, hence the regionally branded clock.

An unfortunate judder on the hands. A judder on the second hand was quite common with these mechanical devices – not so much the additional judder we see here, affecting the other hands.

BBC North had updated the clock face on their mechanical by the new year, to reflect the new design on the electronically generated clock implemented on BBC One Network in December 1981.

[00:00:04] PROGRAMME: here we see the first iteration of this design, first seen in early September. The red/white colour scheme here was adjusted to burgundy/white early in 1982. The white horizontal lines were also made narrower.

The main story in this edition of the programme is that one man has been killed in a terrorist explosion at a Wimpy Bar in the West End of London.


PICTURED: BBC Evening News opening titles. COPYRIGHT: BBC.

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