A brief mention on BBC Breakfast Time about the shutdown of the final 405-line transmitters.

VIDEO: BBC Breakfast Time reports on shutdown of remaining 405-line transmitters. Presenter: Debbie Rixx. TX DATE: 7th January 1985. COPYRIGHT: BBC. VREF: 25611-01.

Video content

[00:00:00] PROGRAMME: Debbie Rixx reads a short piece on the 405-line transmitter shutdown.

We see pictures from a special closedown party, in the transmitter room at Crystal Palace. The machinery there recalls the golden era of 405-line television.

The newsreader tells us that the 405 format was doomed with the launch of the ‘high-definition’ 625-line service in 1964.

In January 1985, there were thought to be less than 700 405-line sets in use in the country.

We hear an excerpt from the previous night’s closedown announcement by David Miles on BBC One. It should be noted that BBC Breakfast Time had the on-screen visuals out-of-sync with David’s announcement.

RELATED PAGE: you can see David’s announcement full-screen and via 625-line transmission here.


PICTURED: shot of BBC One airing on a 405-line TV set. COPYRIGHT: BBC.

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