A rather odd Christmas-themed start-up sequence from Westward TV.

VIDEO: Westward TV start-up. TX DATE: 22nd December 1978. COPYRIGHT: Unknown. VREF: 25634-01.

Video content

[00:00:00] GRAPHIC: a graphic telling viewers when Westward TV opens up for the day and what the first couple of programmes are.

Can you identify the music that accompanies this caption?

The caption is faded out and we have one-and-a-quarter minutes of black and silence. This seems rather unusual and makes us wonder if the caption originated at a main transmitter site. Was this type of caption a regular occurrence on Westward prior to the daily start-up?

[00:02:21] START-UP: we then have what appears to be a special start-up sequence for Christmas. What looks like a clear perspex version of the channel logo is seen revolving, with tinsel at the base. It looks as though a red tint has been applied to the camera view.

We then move on to various shots of figures typically associated with the Christmas nativity story.

Unfortunately, the recording ends before the sequence finishes.

Can you identify the music that accompanies this start-up?


PICTURED: Westward TV graphic. COPYRIGHT: Unknown.

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