A full Thames closedown, with Peter Marshall in the announcer’s seat.

VIDEO: Thames TV closedown including Close. Announcer: Peter Marshall. Presenter: Robert Rietty. TX DATE: 5th February 1980. COPYRIGHT: FremantleMedia. VREF: 25643-01.

Video content

[00:00:00] IN-VISION CONTINUITY: Peter Marshall introduces the late-night religious programme, Close.

[00:00:05] PROGRAMME: a full edition of Close. Robert Rietty with readings from Nahman of Bratslav.

[00:01:35] IN-VISION CONTINUITY: Peter Marshall provides a weather forecast for tonight and tomorrow.

Just before we look at a menu of tomorrow’s programmes, Peter tells us that the music we’re about to hear will feature singer Marti Webb, who was starring in Evita.

Peter tells us that he recently saw her in the Andrew Lloyd-Webber/Don Black composition of Tell Me on a Sunday. We’ll now hear the main track from the album.

[00:02:19] PROGRAMME MENU GRAPHIC: programme listings for Tuesday 5th February 1980.

[00:03:48] CLOCK: the music continues over the clock, as it ticks its way to twenty-one minutes to one in the morning.

After around 40 seconds of the clock, we fade to black. Peter (in sound only) reminds us to switch off our TV set and pull out the plug from the socket.

Just before the recording ends, there’s a brief flash of colour bars.


PICTURED: Thames in-vision continuity: Peter Marshall. COPYRIGHT: FremantleMedia.

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