The closing news headlines and weather on BBC One.

VIDEO: BBC One continuity including Late Headlines and Weather. Announcer: Mike Gamble. Presenters: Kenneth Kendall (news) and Bill Giles (weather). TX DATE: 21st April 1980. COPYRIGHT: BBC. VREF: 25715-01.

Video content

[00:00:00] PROGRAMME GRAPHIC: the BBC TV production of Shakespeare’s King Henry V will be shown on Wednesday at 9.25pm on BBC One.

[00:00:17] PROGRAMME GRAPHIC: for Bellamy’s Europe. At 11.20pm next Monday David Bellamy goes to the north of France for the first of ten films on the plants and animals in the European countryside.

[00:00:31] IDENT: a link into the late news headlines.

[00:00:35] PROGRAMME: Kenneth Kendall presents the late headlines. Note how the BBC One globe partially lingers during the opening seconds of the bulletin. A fault on the NC1 vision mixing desk perhaps.

Please note, the bulletin has been edited down.

[00:01:10] IDENT: announcer Mike Gamble links into the late weather.

[00:01:14] PROGRAMME: Bill Giles with the closedown weather forecast. Please note, this broadcast has been edited down.


PICTURED: the Late Headlines on BBC One presented by Kenneth Kendall. COPYRIGHT: BBC.

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