CBBC had to decamp to BBC Two from its usual home on BBC One, due to rolling news coverage in the wake of Margaret Thatcher’s resignation.

VIDEO: CBBC continuity. Presenter: Andi Peters. TX DATE: 22nd November 1991. COPYRIGHT: BBC. VREF: 25791-01.

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[00:00:00] IN-VISION CONTINUITY: we have the final couple of seconds of Clockwise, which Andi tells us will be back at the same time next week, but on BBC One.

Andi then goes on to explain that moving to BBC Two for the afternoon has resulted in the need for new versions of programme slides having to be made, with BBC Two branding.

He puts the slides to air and uses them to signpost the programmes still to come today. He inadvertently cuts up a “BBC 1”-branded slide for Children’s BBC, with Simon Parkin pictured.

Andi then asks Edd the Duck to introduce part 2 of the Fantastic Max story.


PICTURED: Andi Peters presenting CBBC. COPYRIGHT: BBC.

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