A burst of Test Card F and music before Pages from Ceefax takes over at 9am.

VIDEO: Test card and Pages from Ceefax. TX DATE: 24th December 1984. COPYRIGHT: BBC. VREF: 25811-01.

Video content

[00:00:00] TEST CARD: this is the electronic version of Test Card F, which first appeared in May. Initially, the new version of the test card appeared minus the channel ID.

A temporary solution – albeit rather crude – was used for a while. But by October, the proper channel logo had been added.

Note that the logo is very slightly vertically off-centre here (between the white lines). This was corrected the following year but the logo was then left slightly horizontally off-centre for the remainder of its time on the test card.

This channel logo remained in use on the test card throughout the ‘TWO’ OSP era.

[00:03:49] TELETEXT IN-VISION: apart from the festive decor on the front page of the in-vision page selection, none of the other pages featured in our short clip had a hint of Christmas.

Pages from Ceefax continued until the first programme of the day at 1.45pm.

Can you help identify the Ceefax tape and tracks in this clip?


PICTURED: Pages from Ceefax: front page. COPYRIGHT: BBC.

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