The original title sequence for Match of the Day, when it aired on BBC Two. And some rare footage of BBC Two continuity from the early days of the channel.

VIDEO: BBC Two continuity and Match of the Day opening titles. TX DATE: 1964. COPYRIGHT: BBC. VREF: 25896-01.

Video content

[00:00:00] IDENT: this revolving board display was a common sight in the early days of BBC Two – used for channel identification and introducing programmes.

[00:00:03] PROGRAMME: the opening titles for Match of the Day. The sequence consists of shots of crowds at a football match, with the programme title overlaid. We also have a text-based description of what the programme is about.

The theme tune – Drum Majorette – was written by Major Oleen Wrigley.

The more familiar theme tune – also titled Match of the Day – was written by Barry Stoller and aired for the first time on 15th August 1970.


PICTURED: Match of the Day opening titles. COPYRIGHT: BBC.

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