A Saturday morning start-up on BBC One just ahead of Christmas in 1984.

VIDEO: BBC One start-up. Announcer: Peter Brook. TX DATE: 22nd December 1984. COPYRIGHT: BBC. VREF: 26015-01.

Video content

[00:00:00] TEST CARD: although Pages from Ceefax was well established as a daytime filler by this stage, in-vision teletext was generally not shown prior to the first programme of the day at weekends. And even on weekdays, Pages from Ceefax didn’t appear until 9am on BBC Two.

Also worth noting that when exiting Pages from Ceefax, there was no 30 seconds of black and silence like we have here following the test card.

Can you identify the Ceefax tape playing here?

[00:01:46] IDENT: Peter Brook opens up the channel and lets us know that the first programme, The Perishers, will start in a couple of minutes.

Note Peter’s uncharacteristically (slightly) informal link into the slide.

[00:01:58] PROGRAMME GRAPHIC: for The Perishers. This ‘Follows Shortly’ slide would’ve been on screen, accompanied by music, for c. 2 minutes, before an ident link into the programme.


PICTURED: BBC One programme graphic: The Perishers. COPYRIGHT: BBC.

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