A change to the schedule on BBC One, for live coverage of the return of the Columbia space shuttle. As we see here, the programme change results in the postponement of a regional programme, for BBC One North.

VIDEO: BBC One continuity including programme promotion for Tuesday and BBC One North ident. Announcer: David Allan (network) and TBC (North). Voiceover: John Braban. TX DATE: 14th April 1981. COPYRIGHT: BBC. VREF: 26217-01.

Video content

[00:00:00] PROGRAMME: the closing seconds of Nationwide. Presenter: Frank Bough.

[00:00:07] GRAPHIC: a generic BBC Radio 2 slide, including its frequencies: 330m/909 kHz and 433m/693 kHz Medium Wave.

Used here to promote a Sport on 2 Special (on MW) at 8.02pm, which includes exclusive live commentary of the top First Division match between Aston Villa and Ipswich, and also news from Jamaica on the final Test between England and the West Indies. Plus all the rest of the night’s sport.

[00:00:22] PROGRAMME GRAPHIC: for International Snooker. Coverage of the quarter-finals of the Embassy World Professional Championship on BBC Two shortly.

The design of these cross-channel promotion graphics changed quite a bit during 1981. This was another relatively short-lived layout. No computer graphics here – this caption was produced on card, with a camera pointed at it. The programme title was overlaid from a character generator.

[00:00:34] PROGRAMME PROMOTION: a preview of Tuesday evening’s programmes on BBC One – with some changes to the schedule:

6.55pm The Space Shuttle. Live coverage of Columbia’s landing.

7.35pm The Return of Captain Nemo. Part 2.

8.20pm When the Boat Comes In.

9.10pm Main News. An extended edition.

9.45pm Caught on a Train. The award-winning play starring Peggy Ashcroft and Michael Kitchen.

11.05pm Omnibus. A dramatised portrait of the painter Mark Gertler.

[00:02:04] IDENT: the BBC One North ident appears at this point with the local announcer informing us that the advertised programme – Riding the Summer Sun – has been postponed and was being replaced by The Space Shuttle.

Riding the Summer Sun was presumably intended for the BBC One North region only. The planned programme for BBC One network was Rolf Harris Cartoon Time.

Can you identify the regional announcer?

[00:02:15] PROGRAMME: the opening few seconds of a Tomorrow’s World SpecialThe Space Shuttle.

Note the slight picture sync issue when the vision cuts from BBC One North back to network.


PICTURED: BBC One programme menu graphic. COPYRIGHT: BBC.

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