A quiet daytime schedule for BBC Two on this day in August 1985.

Other than a 50-minute Open University programme being shown at 12.30pm, it was Pages from Ceefax for BBC Two, from 9am until 4.15pm.

At least, that was the planned schedule. However, due to strike action by the National Union of Journalists that day, no Ceefax pages were shown. Instead, an apology caption was broadcast.

Here’s the junction from 1.20pm:

VIDEO: BBC Two daytime continuity and Ceefax strike graphic. Announcer: Roger Maude. TX DATE: 7th August 1985. COPYRIGHT: BBC. VREF: 95-01.

Video content

[00:00:00] CLOCK: the announcer gives a quick time check over the BBC Two clock, followed by a lengthy period of silence, before the Ceefax music finally kicks in. The timing of the cuing of the music is no accident – notice how nicely it works with the cut to the apology graphic.

[00:00:40] INFORMATION GRAPHIC: apology caption for lack of in-vision Ceefax pages due to an industrial dispute.


PICTURED: Ceefax strike graphic. COPYRIGHT: BBC.

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