Category: Ads

Time for a commercial break.

Teledata advertisement: telephone guide to shops and services (June 1980)

For driving lessons, ring Teledata. Presumably ring up Teledata instead of looking up the Yellow Pages?

/ 24th January 2021

Midland Bank advertisement: come and talk to the listening bank (June 1980)

Talk to the Midland Bank – about savings plans, how to use a cheque book and if you find yourself in a financial quandary.

/ 24th January 2021

Aquafresh advertisement: fights decay and freshens breath (June 1980)

An early 1980s ad, emphasising the toothpaste’s dual purpose.

/ 24th January 2021

Orbit advertisement: cool-tasting, sugar-free (February 1980)

A real 70s vibe from this ad for Wrigley’s Orbit.

/ 24th January 2021

Seat belt PIF: clunk click – even on short trips (February 1980)

A short public information film about seat belt wearing.

/ 24th January 2021

Sealink advertisement: it’s a better way to get away (February 1980)

Get the 1980 Car Ferry Guide from Sealink.

/ 24th January 2021