CBBC had to decamp to BBC Two from its usual home on BBC One, due to rolling news coverage in the wake of Margaret Thatcher’s resignation.

VIDEO: CBBC continuity and Clockwise opening titles. Presenter: Andi Peters (CBBC Broom Cupboard) and Darren Day (Clockwise). TX DATE: 22nd November 1990. COPYRIGHT: BBC. VREF: 25781-01.

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[00:00:00] IN-VISION CONTINUITY: Andi mentions that the programme Who Are the Children? (a Children in Need special) will be aired on BBC One tonight, an hour later than planned, at 11pm.

Andi then explains that CBBC is on BBC Two today and that the BBC Two Broom Cupboard (NC2 Con) was actually the original Broom Cupboard used by CBBC when it launched in September 1985. He explained that BBC One and BBC Two has switched control areas since CBBC’s launch.

Andi then mentions programmes coming up today before linking into Clockwise.

[00:00:53] PROGRAMME: the opening titles for Clockwise, and the first few seconds of the general knowledge quiz programme, presented by Darren Day.


PICTURED: Clockwise opening titles. COPYRIGHT: BBC.

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