Category: Teletext

In-vision teletext broadcasts and ads/features about teletext.

Pages from Ceefax (BBC Two NI opt) (28th June 2005)

BBC Two Northern Ireland opts out of the network schedule (children’s programmes) to show Pages from Ceefax.

/ 18th February 2021

Pages from Ceefax (28th November 1987)

When the Open University wasn’t occupying the whole morning on BBC Two on Saturdays, Ceefax was – a practice that continued until early 1989.

/ 14th February 2021

4-Tel On View (14th July 1986)

One of the earliest recordings that we have in the archive of the animated teletext in-vision service shown on Channel 4 in the 1980s and 1990s.

/ 14th February 2021

Pages from Ceefax (BBC Two NI opt) and BBC Two continuity (17th February 1988)

With apologies for the less than desirable picture and audio quality on this recording. This is very rare footage of a 1980s BBC Northern Ireland opt-out, where the local teletext generator is used to provide Pages from Ceefax.

/ 14th February 2021

Test card and Pages from Ceefax (partial) (24th December 1984)

A burst of Test Card F and music before Pages from Ceefax takes over at 9am.

/ 25th January 2021

Ceefax AM (full broadcast) (4th January 1988)

The first non-public holiday weekday of the new year and BBC One starts its day with news and information courtesy of Ceefax AM.

/ 16th January 2021

Ceefax AM (full broadcast) (19th January 1988)

A chance to view an entire Ceefax AM broadcast from early January 1988 – including the test card and pulse and bar signal that preceded it.

/ 16th January 2021

Ceefax AM (full broadcast) (21st January 1988)

An entire Ceefax AM broadcast from early 1988 – including the pulse and bar and test card that preceded it.

/ 15th January 2021

Ceefax promotion: the choice is yours (autumn 1982)

The BBC was slowly recognising the power of teletext and was becoming evermore keen to promote it. In-vision Ceefax pages were also popping up during daytime programme gaps, in spots previously occupied by the test card.

/ 10th January 2021

BBC news report about increasing popularity of teletext (13th July 1983)

BBC News reports on the dramatic increase in sales of teletext sets since 1981.

/ 4th January 2021

BBC One start-up and Breakfast Time opening titles (18th June 1984)

BBC One starts the week, reporting on the results of the European elections.

/ 3rd January 2021

Central closedown (30th September 1986)

A standard closedown from Central in the days before 24-hour programme schedules.

/ 1st January 2021