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BBC News reports on the announcement of a fifth national BBC radio network (9th October 1988)

The early evening Sunday news on BBC One reports on the BBC’s announcement about plans for a fifth national radio service.

/ 14th February 2021

The Money Programme reports on the launch of Channel 4 (31st October 1982)

A few days prior to the launch of Channel 4, The Money Programme reports on concerns about the longer-term financial viability of the channel.

/ 6th February 2021

BBC Three continuity (25th December 1986)

A mock continuity announcement for the then fictitious BBC Three and based on the Christmas BBC Two ident.

/ 2nd February 2021

Spoof BBC One ident by French & Saunders (25th December 2002)

The 2002 French & Saunders Christmas special opened by poking fun at one of the recently introduced BBC One rhythm and dance idents – Acrobats.

/ 27th January 2021

Fake BBC Two ident (31st August 1992)

This amended version of the 1985 – 1991 BBC One ident popped up during TV Hell on BBC Two.

/ 26th January 2021

BBC Breakfast Time reports on shutdown of remaining 405-line transmitters (7th January 1985)

A brief mention on BBC Breakfast Time about the shutdown of the final 405-line transmitters.

/ 23rd January 2021

BBC News After Noon reports on the launch of BBC Breakfast Time (17th January 1983)

A few hours after the first edition of BBC Breakfast Time came off the air, BBC News After Noon reports on this important milestone in UK broadcasting.

/ 17th January 2021

Nationwide reports on the launch of BBC Breakfast Time (17th January 1983)

Nationwide goes behind-the-scenes on the launch day of BBC Breakfast Time.

/ 17th January 2021