On Air Talent: Heather Lynn

BBC One continuity including programme promotion for Christmas Eve and first airing of Christmas ident (24th December 1985)

Breakfast Time has just ended. We look ahead to Christmas Eve on BBC One and get our first look at this year’s Christmas BBC One symbol.

/ 27th February 2021

BBC Two continuity – ident animates on (11th December 1986)

The BBC Two ident animates into view for a link into a programme about the European team’s victory in the 1985 Ryder Cup golf championship.

/ 18th February 2021

BBC One/Open University continuity – odd ident (spring 1985)

BBC One has to resort to Ceefax for an ident for its early morning Open University transmission.

/ 19th January 2021

BBC Two/Open University continuity (1986)

A quick bit of OU continuity, demonstrating the OU logo form-up.

/ 1st January 2021