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Programme title sequences and set design.

BBC One continuity and BBC One o’Clock News opening titles (October 1997)

The opening sequence for the weekday lunchtime news on BBC One.

/ 3rd February 2021

BBC One continuity and BBC News opening titles (25th December 1989)

The opening of the Christmas Day evening news on BBC One, presented by Jill Dando.

/ 2nd February 2021

Close of Look North and Nationwide opening titles (1982)

A set of Nationwide titles from 1982. The programme had many different title sequences over the years.

/ 31st January 2021

BBC Breakfast Time opening titles – VE Day (8th May 1985)

Special titles for BBC Breakfast Time, on the fortieth anniversary of VE Day.

/ 31st January 2021

Top of the Pops 1981 opening titles (24th December 1981)

The relatively new Top of the Pops titles get a minor tweak for this special edition of the programme.

/ 30th January 2021

BBC One continuity including programme promotion for The Two Ronnies (25th December 1978)

One of only a few junctions from the Christmas period that survive, and feature the revolving Santa’s head festive channel symbol.

/ 29th January 2021

CBBC continuity and Play School opening titles (25th December 1987)

A festive version of the familiar title sequence.

/ 28th January 2021

BBC Two continuity and Match of the Day opening titles (1964)

The original title sequence for Match of the Day, when it aired on BBC Two. And some rare footage of BBC Two continuity from the early days of the channel.

/ 27th January 2021

BBC One Midlands continuity and BBC Midlands Today opening titles (summer 1997)

The opening titles/headlines from an edition of BBC Midlands Today in summer 1997.

/ 27th January 2021

BBC One continuity and EastEnders opening titles (jazzy theme) (1993)

In May 1993 a new version of the EastEnders theme was introduced. It didn’t go down well with viewers – apparently – and was ditched just under a year later. And with the new theme came a new version of...

/ 26th January 2021

BBC One continuity and Eldorado opening titles (1992)

We’re off to Los Barcos on the Costa Eldorado in Spain now, for the title sequence to the BBC’s short-lived soap following the lives of British and European expats.

/ 26th January 2021