A few hours after the first edition of BBC Breakfast Time came off the air, BBC News After Noon reports on this important milestone in UK broadcasting.

VIDEO: BBC News After Noon reports on the launch of BBC Breakfast Time. Presenter: Richard Whitmore. Reporters: Brian Hanrahan and John Thorne. TX DATE: 17th January 1983. COPYRIGHT: BBC. VREF: 25501-01.

Video content

[00:00:00] PROGRAMME: Richard Whitmore introduces the first of two reports. Brian Hanrahan’s report begins with the final portion of the BBC Breakfast Time opening titles and the first seconds of Frank Bough’s introduction to the programme.

There’s a brief shot of the programme gallery. We see a snippet of the exercise segment featuring Diane Moran, ‘The Green Goddess’. We see a short edit of astrologer Russell Grant’s advice to Sir Harry Secombe.

We then pop across to BBC Broadcasting House, to Terry Wogan’s breakfast radio show. Terry says he believes the early morning TV show will be a success eventually.

We then have a report from John Thorne, who speaks to a family in the north of England about their first impressions of the new breakfast TV programme.

We then return to Brian Hanrahan where we see the post-programme celebrations. There are brief interviews with Frank Bough, Selina Scott and Ron Neill, programme editor.


PICTURED: BBC Breakfast Time logo. COPYRIGHT: BBC.

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