Programme Genre: News

BBC Nine o’Clock News opening titles/close (26th November 1982)

Interest rates are on the rise again in late-1982.

/ 24th February 2021

BBC News reports on the announcement of a fifth national BBC radio network (9th October 1988)

The early evening Sunday news on BBC One reports on the BBC’s announcement about plans for a fifth national radio service.

/ 14th February 2021

NI News, Weather with Michael Fish, BBC One NI continuity including programme promotion for Spotlight (12th February 1986)

One of very few domestic recordings made public featuring an early 1986 late-evening BBC One Northern Ireland news bulletin.

/ 14th February 2021

BBC One continuity and BBC One o’Clock News opening titles (October 1997)

The opening sequence for the weekday lunchtime news on BBC One.

/ 3rd February 2021

BBC One continuity and BBC News opening titles (25th December 1989)

The opening of the Christmas Day evening news on BBC One, presented by Jill Dando.

/ 2nd February 2021

Close of Look North and Nationwide opening titles (1982)

A set of Nationwide titles from 1982. The programme had many different title sequences over the years.

/ 31st January 2021

BBC Breakfast Time opening titles – VE Day (8th May 1985)

Special titles for BBC Breakfast Time, on the fortieth anniversary of VE Day.

/ 31st January 2021

BBC One Midlands continuity and BBC Midlands Today opening titles (summer 1997)

The opening titles/headlines from an edition of BBC Midlands Today in summer 1997.

/ 27th January 2021

BBC One continuity including Late Headlines and Weather (edited) (21st April 1980)

The closing news headlines and weather on BBC One.

/ 24th January 2021

ATV London continuity and ITN News opening titles (22nd March 1964)

Trevor Lucas introduces Sunday evening viewing on ATV London.

/ 23rd January 2021

BBC Breakfast Time reports on shutdown of remaining 405-line transmitters (7th January 1985)

A brief mention on BBC Breakfast Time about the shutdown of the final 405-line transmitters.

/ 23rd January 2021

BBC TV continuity – Diana, Princess of Wales death (31st August 1997)

Shortly after the death of Diana, Princess of Wales was confirmed, BBC One and BBC Two produced a combined service of rolling news, with generic BBC branding.

/ 20th January 2021