A look at the line-up for Monday evening on BBC One – which includes a re-run of an episode from the first series of The Rockford Files, in prime time.

VIDEO: BBC One continuity including programme promotion for Monday. Announcer: Robin Whitting. Voiceover: John Braban. TX DATE: 18th January 1982. COPYRIGHT: BBC. VREF: 26293-01.

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[00:00:00] PROGRAMME: the closing seconds of the Monday edition of Nationwide.

[00:00:08] PROGRAMME PROMOTION: entertainment for Monday evening on BBC One:

7.20pm The Rockford Files. A stock-car driver dies – Just by Accident. But his mother is not convinced.

8.10pm Panorama. Investigates the problems of toxic waste. Richard Lindley reports on the unknown dangers resulting from the often unregulated disposal of waste.

9.25pm Last of the Summer Wine. It’s time for walkies.

9.55pm Police. Investigate a complaint of rape.

10.35pm Film 82 Special. Talks to oscar-winning actor, Jack Nicholson.

11.10pm Big Jim and the Figaro Club.

11.40pm Speak for Yourself.

[00:01:41] PROGRAMME GRAPHIC: for Riverside, on BBC Two.

Looks at the dance, art, fashion and style of 1982.

[00:01:48] IDENT: BBC One finds itself whisked off much further into the future now, in a new adventure for Doctor WhoFour to Doomsday.


PICTURED: BBC One programme menu graphic. COPYRIGHT: BBC.

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