OSP Category: Programme Promotion

A programme trail.

Inside Ulster Update (partial), BBC One NI continuity and Eldorado opening titles (final episode) (9th July 1993)

A full BBC One Northern Ireland junction leading into the final episode of Eldorado,

/ 1st March 2021

BBC One programme promotion for Doctor Who (December 1984)

These “new world of entertainment” trails aired from late-1984. for new season programmes coming up in the new year.

/ 28th February 2021

TV-am programme promotion for Good Morning Britain – new start time (December 1984)

From 3rd January 1985, TV-am would be expanding its broadcasting hours slightly. The changes included a ten-minute extension for Good Morning Britain which would now begin at 6.15am rather than 6.25am.

/ 28th February 2021

Yorkshire TV programme promotion for Emmerdale Farm catch-up phoneline (December 1985)

Back in 1985, if you missed an episode of Emmerdale Farm, YTV provided a catch-up phoneline.

/ 27th February 2021

BBC One continuity including programme promotion for Christmas Eve and first airing of Christmas ident (24th December 1985)

Breakfast Time has just ended. We look ahead to Christmas Eve on BBC One and get our first look at this year’s Christmas BBC One symbol.

/ 27th February 2021

BBC Two programme promotion for Russell Harty (partial) (October 1981)

Russell Harty’s chat show returns on 20th October 1981.

/ 25th February 2021

BBC One continuity including programme promotion for Agatha Christie Christmas (20th December 1987)

We look forward to an Agatha Christie Christmas on BBC One.

/ 25th February 2021