On Air Talent: Announcer TBC

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BBC One continuity including programme promotion for Christmas Day (25th December 1986)

A look at what’s to come this Christmas Day on BBC One – and arguably one of the catchiest soundtracks for a Christmas campaign on the channel.

/ 15th February 2021

BBC One continuity including programme promotion for Tuesday and BBC One North ident (14th April 1981)

A change to the schedule on BBC One, for live coverage of the return of the Columbia space shuttle. As we see here, the programme change results in the postponement of a regional programme, for BBC One North.

/ 7th February 2021

BBC Three continuity (25th December 1986)

A mock continuity announcement for the then fictitious BBC Three and based on the Christmas BBC Two ident.

/ 2nd February 2021

BBC One Midlands continuity and BBC Midlands Today opening titles (summer 1997)

The opening titles/headlines from an edition of BBC Midlands Today in summer 1997.

/ 27th January 2021

Sky One continuity (1990)

A short snippet of Sky One from a Monday morning in 1990, we think.

/ 26th January 2021

BBC TV continuity – JFK assassination (22nd November 1963)

A special announcement from BBC TV on the day US President John F. Kennedy was assassinated.

/ 23rd January 2021

BBC One continuity and BBC News (25th December 1986)

A short early evening news update from Jan Leeming.

/ 15th January 2021

BBC Two continuity and Westminster at Work opening titles (24th April 1964)

A brief bit of 60s BBC Two continuity and the short opening sequence for the weekly review of proceedings in Parliament – Westminster at Work.

/ 13th January 2021

BBC Breakfast Time opening titles (18th February 1985)

The first day of the new start/finish time arrangement for the programme. It would now run from 6.50am to 9.20am.

/ 7th January 2021

BBC One continuity (16th October 1964)

A short BBC One link into coverage of the general election.

/ 6th January 2021

BBC TV continuity (1963)

A brief, rare snippet of BBC TV continuity from the 1960s.

/ 6th January 2021

BBC One Wales closedown (27th August 1984)

Bank Holiday Monday comes to a close on BBC One Wales.

/ 1st January 2021