Category: Test Cards

From the days when gaps in the programme schedule were filled by the test card and music.

BBC Two start-up (30th January 1982)

A fairly standard BBC Two start-up routine for the period.

/ 14th January 2021

BBC Two closedown (13th May 1979)

A Saturday night closedown from BBC Two in what was the final weeks of this on-screen presentation package.

/ 14th January 2021

Open University programme discusses test cards (1976)

In this excerpt from a 1976 Open University programme, some discussion about the uses of the familiar Test Card F pattern.

/ 8th January 2021

IBA Engineering Announcements (partial): The Test Card (October 1985)

Shortly after the 30th anniversary of ITV, and not far off the 15th anniversary of IBA Engineering Announcements, the programme takes a look at the history of the test card and other test patterns.

/ 3rd January 2021

BBC Two start-up (24th May 1981)

Peter Bolgar welcomes BBC Two viewers to a Sunday afternoon of sporting action, courtesy of Sunday Grandstand.

/ 1st January 2021

BBC Two test card new year wishes (1st January 1983)

NC2 overlays a new year message on the test card.

/ 1st January 2021

Granada closedown (1985)

Graham James closes down Granada for the night in 1985.

/ 1st January 2021

BBC One start-up (partial) (September 1982)

We join BBC One just ahead of a lunchtime opening.

/ 1st January 2021

BBC Two test card and BMTV opening (1989)

In the late-1980s, the BBC broadcast an overnight service called British Medical Television.

/ 1st January 2021