Category: Test Cards

From the days when gaps in the programme schedule were filled by the test card and music.

BBC One start-up (partial) (September 1982)

A lunchtime start-up for BBC One during its week of celebrations for the 60th anniversary of the BBC.

/ 6th February 2021

BBC One test card (4th November 1984)

A brief burst of the test card and music from a Sunday morning in autumn 1984.

/ 6th February 2021

BBC One start-up (partial) (22nd December 1984)

A Saturday morning start-up on BBC One just ahead of Christmas in 1984.

/ 31st January 2021

BSB test card – The Movie Channel (1990)

A very short recording of one of the bespoke channel test cards used by British Satellite Broadcasting in 1990.

/ 31st January 2021

BBC One test card (1991)

As a result of the refresh of the BBC One and BBC Two on-screen presentation packages in February 1991, the digital generators that overlaid channel logos on the test card were updated appropriately.

/ 31st January 2021

BBC Two test card with Christmas greeting (25th December 1982)

A short clip featuring a Christmas greeting on the BBC Two test card.

/ 30th January 2021

Galaxy closedown and test card (24th September 1990)

A weekend of programming dedicated to Doctor Who comes to an end and Galaxy is closing down, with a nice long play for the channel’s ident.

/ 25th January 2021

Test card – for Comic Relief (13th March 1993)

Yes, someone went to the trouble of producing a special test card for Comic Relief.

/ 25th January 2021

Test card and Pages from Ceefax (partial) (24th December 1984)

A burst of Test Card F and music before Pages from Ceefax takes over at 9am.

/ 25th January 2021

Ceefax AM (full broadcast) (4th January 1988)

The first non-public holiday weekday of the new year and BBC One starts its day with news and information courtesy of Ceefax AM.

/ 16th January 2021