OSP Category: Closedown

When a TV channel goes to bed for the night.

BBC One closedown (partial) (25th December 1993)

A long playout for one of the 1993 Christmas idents.

/ 24th February 2021

BBC Two/Open University continuity (15th February 1984)

A late-night handover to the Open University.

/ 18th February 2021

BBC Two closedown (24th December 1984)

It’s the early hours of Christmas Eve and BBC Two closes down for the night, with a little Christmas music.

/ 2nd February 2021

Galaxy closedown and test card (24th September 1990)

A weekend of programming dedicated to Doctor Who comes to an end and Galaxy is closing down, with a nice long play for the channel’s ident.

/ 25th January 2021

BBC One closedown (partial) – Olympics branding (summer 1984)

BBC One updates its ident with Olympics branding for the duration of the 1984 Olympics.

/ 23rd January 2021

BBC One closedown including Weather and programme promotion for Christmas Eve (24th December 1974)

A rare domestic recording of a full BBC One closedown from December 1974.

/ 23rd January 2021

Thames TV closedown including Close (5th February 1980)

A full Thames closedown, with Peter Marshall in the announcer’s seat.

/ 23rd January 2021

BBC Two closedown (3rd April 1986)

A closedown from the first week of the ‘TWO’ era OSP.

/ 23rd January 2021

BBC Two closedown including Christmas programme promotion and strike caption (17th December 1978)

BBC Two goes to bed a little earlier than planned due to an industrial dispute.

/ 18th January 2021

BBC Two closedown (13th May 1979)

A Saturday night closedown from BBC Two in what was the final weeks of this on-screen presentation package.

/ 14th January 2021

Channel 4’s first closedown (2nd November 1982)

Paul Coia had the honour of being the duty announcer on day one of the channel in November 1982. And consequently, he got to put the channel to bed for the first time.

/ 10th January 2021