Archive: TC1

LWT production graphic (1969)

A short clip of one of LWT’s early colour production graphics.

/ 30th January 2021

LWT pre-programme ident and production graphic (1969)

The pre-programme ident and closing production caption for Curry and Chips – the first LWT sitcom to be produced entirely in colour.

/ 29th January 2021

BBC One Midlands continuity and BBC Midlands Today opening titles (summer 1997)

The opening titles/headlines from an edition of BBC Midlands Today in summer 1997.

/ 27th January 2021

Spoof BBC One ident by French & Saunders (25th December 2002)

The 2002 French & Saunders Christmas special opened by poking fun at one of the recently introduced BBC One rhythm and dance idents – Acrobats.

/ 27th January 2021

Fake BBC Two ident (31st August 1992)

This amended version of the 1985 – 1991 BBC One ident popped up during TV Hell on BBC Two.

/ 26th January 2021

BBC One continuity and EastEnders opening titles (jazzy theme) (1993)

In May 1993 a new version of the EastEnders theme was introduced. It didn’t go down well with viewers – apparently – and was ditched just under a year later. And with the new theme came a new version of...

/ 26th January 2021

Central continuity (11th November 1983)

A spot of 80s in-vision continuity from Central. Nice jumper Gary.

/ 26th January 2021

BBC One continuity and Eldorado opening titles (1992)

We’re off to Los Barcos on the Costa Eldorado in Spain now, for the title sequence to the BBC’s short-lived soap following the lives of British and European expats.

/ 26th January 2021

BBC One continuity – ident with ‘Ceefax 170’ (7th November 1984)

Until 1985, each channel had its own dedicated subtitles page.

/ 26th January 2021

BBC TV continuity – JFK assassination (22nd November 1963)

A special announcement from BBC TV on the day US President John F. Kennedy was assassinated.

/ 23rd January 2021

ITV programme promotion: Fraggle Rock and Child’s Play (January 1984)

Two new programmes coming to ITV on 7th January 1984.

/ 23rd January 2021

ATV London continuity and ITN News opening titles (22nd March 1964)

Trevor Lucas introduces Sunday evening viewing on ATV London.

/ 23rd January 2021